RVCA Publication and Documentation Centre aims to bring forth publications as research and documentation resource material that augment the pedagogy of architecture. In addition to this, selected student works, design consultancy and research undertaken at RVCA are documented as publications to form a record of college’s work and also as an archive for future reference. The centre is also engaged in graphic design and documentation of the events held at RVCA.

RVCA Publication and Documentation Centre is primarily supported by the RSS Trust – the management of RVCA and is co-ordinated by Prof. Nandita, assisted by a student panel of RVCA. The publications are currently available in limited edition and are available by pre – order from the co-ordinator.

The publication wing is keen to collaborate with architects, authors and faculty from other colleges / universities to bring forth publications with value content in topics related to architecture and its allied areas.


Urban Design Journal Collective

Prof Anitha Suseelan coordinates the Urban Design Journal Collective, an UD student monograph of UD studio works critically reviewed by the faculty and professionals in the field as part of the endeavour to encourage research writing and compilation in students of Architectural education.

Urban Design Journal Collective 2014

The work, ‘The Negotiated City’, features a critical commentary on Urban Realities of Shivajinagar, Bengaluru. The compilation has been appreciated by various dignitaries during their visit to the studio as part of the Inaugural Event of RVCA on 22 Nov 2014. It has been advised by the Hon Minister for Higher Education and Tourism Shri R V Deshpande to make it visible to the government agencies and to the city through Urban Development Department of the government.

Urban Design Journal Collective 2013

The work features a critical commentary on ‘Mosaics of Practices and Territories of Fraser Town’, Bengaluru.

Proceedings of IUDI National Urban Design Thesis Seminar – An Anthology

The Monograph is an anthology of twelve best urban design thesis projects at the national level from five renowned schools in India. It was compiled by Prof. Anitha Suseelan and jointly published by RVCA and IUDI. The IUDI National Urban Design Thesis Seminar was organized by IUDI and hosted by RVCA in October 2009. The publication was released by renowned Architect B.V.Doshi on 29 Oct 2010 at CEPT University, Ahmedabad. To place orders, contact anitha.suseelan@rvca.inFOLD is an annual periodical brought forth through peer review by the students of R V College of Architecture, as part of the annual exhibition of student works held each year.Extending the critical assessment fostered in the exhibition, FOLD showcases the architectural perceptions of the students through an alternate constructed context.


BLUEPRINT is a periodical document that collates information about RV College of Architecture, Bengaluru. In the inaugural edition [July – December 2014], achievements of the students and faculty of RVCA in this time period are noted. The awards conferred to the faculty and students of RVCA, papers and lectures presented by faculty and the events that were held at RVCA is collated and compiled with a narrative review along with supportive photographs and poster images. In our effort to contribute towards being eco friendly, this news letter is published in electronic form and circulated among students, alumni, faculty and peers. To subscribe please send an email to publications@rvca.in


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