Crossroads of ConveRVsation is a recurring lecture series at RVCA that invites expert guests and RV alumni to converse on intriguing architecture, design and allied themes encouraging students to draw parallels from varied fields of art into their work.

The latest talk was scheduled on 18th January, 2022 on the topic “Spatial Expressions – in Dance and Architecture”. The speaker panel consisted of
Dr. R. Jagannathan, Principal at KSSA Sagar T S, an RV alumnus and Associate Professor at SIT Nishi Poojary, an architect and RV Alumnus
Megha Nanaiah, an RV alumnus and Founding partner of Enviarch Studio The session witnessed varied discussions from the panel who drew upon their own experience of being accomplished dancers and its interrelation with their architectural practice.

The narratives explored the creative yet structured notion in dance and architecture that defines space through designed moves
and orientations. The complete session can be accessed from the YouTube link below. We invite you to follow RVCA Youtube page to access many such design talks, sessions and more.

Crossroads of ConveRVsations: Spatial Expressions in Dance & Architecture