The RVCA Alumni Association serves to unify the RVSA/RVCA alumnus in their personal and professional growth. RVCA alumni have earned an international reputation for being leaders in their field and our alumni community is a wealth of expertise, knowledge and experience.

The tradition of alumni is one the Faculty very much value and each member remains as much a part of our community today as when they were a student. Our goal is to establish a collective voice for the alumni, foster alumni participation in the College and its programs, represent the diversity of the alumni, who are a bridge between the classroom, the professions and the community.

You, as an alumnus, can reconnect in a variety of ways, from by being a student mentor for budding architects, returning as a visiting faculty or jury on a review, or sponsor a student for his/her internship, just to name a few. We are also looking for class representatives from each year (both undergraduate and post graduate classes) to help keep all of our alumni informed and connected with the College. If you would like to help out in any way, please contact the Prof.Suresh K Murthy

RVCA Alumni registration is now open. Click here to register Alumni Registration Form. We have created an email group alumni@rvca.in Please do opt to be a part of this group to get news of the college in your email in box.

Our Alumni are also connected with each other in the social media. A RVSA/RVCA Alumni Group is active on facebook Alumni Association on Facebook

A small / inpromptu & informal get-together of UG Batch of 1997-2002 alongwith some visiting faculty and Dr K S Anantha Krishna, Principal at the RV College of Architecture Campus cafeteria on 18 November 2014